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Optimise your time & retention levels using multimedia. Enjoy science-backed five minute videos delivered in a fun, pragmatic way.



FAB Q™ lays the foundation for securing and retaining competitive advantage in ever changing tougher markets.



Tools, techniques, books and goodies to get you going, keep you on track and boost your FAB Quotient™.




“Thank you! It was such a pleasure to have you join us for these two days. You inspired!  You infused energy! You were a welcome member of our MAC family. You are a shining example of what you present. Your energy, kindness, advice and phenomenal presentation skills were all so very appreciated by us all. A great workshop appreciated by all.”
Belinda Pickford, Vice President General Manager, M·A·C Cosmetics, UK & Ireland
“Delegates made real beneficial changes. We appreciate the professionalism and innovation that was brought to our business. You exceed our expectations and requirements.”
Linda La Werne, HR Senior manager, Nedbank

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Why FAB Q™?

FACT #1: Busy, demanding lives require… a personalised toolbox of useful resources.
FACT #2: Your IQ and personality is static…pretty much the same from birth to death.
FACT #3: Your EQ (personal & social competence) can always be improved … by adopting a FAB Q™ lifestyle!
FACT #4: People with average IQ are able to outperform people with high IQ, 70% of the time*.
EQ is what we need to live happy & purposeful lives!
Adopting the FAB Q™ is how!
*(Source: Travis Bradberry)

FAB Q™ offers you:

# FAB Q™ Online Academy: watch 5 min funky videos backed with research & science
# FAB Q™ Wellculator App: assess your wellbeing, answer Qs and get daily reminders to boost your FAB Q™
# FAB Q™ Store: Books, Activation tools and snack packs to support you
# FAB Q™ 4 Free: DIY enablers to boost your FAB Q™
# FAB Q™ Consulting: for team/s and organisation to create sustainable behaviour shifts, driving a high performance culture.
# FAB Q™ Blogs: to shift your thinking

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